Key #3: Hardship & Struggle


Achieving success is not a complicated affair, but it’s also not an easy process.

The journey itself is fairly simple: take advantage of all the opportunities available to you, and put in plenty of ol’ fashioned hard work.

The simplicity of the path, however, does not guarantee ease. On the contrary, hard work really is hard. Making the most of the opportunities that come by will often mean that you’ll be required to step out of your comfort zone to do things that you’ve never done before. That’s gonna be difficult, but do those things anyway because they will build you up into a better person.

The struggles of working through life (high school, college, jobs, etc.) are absolutely crucial to your development as a person. These hardships will instill in you a work ethic that allows you to be successful.

Immigrant Struggle and the American Dream


The truth of this concept is exemplified nowhere better than in the situation of American immigrants from the third world. Because these immigrants come from places where opportunities are much scarcer, they are quick to embrace the hard work and struggle required to create success for themselves.

That’s why statistically, Asian Americans who recently relocated to America are among the wealthiest ethnic groups in America. Data from the US Census Bureau reveals that Indian Americans take the title as the richest ethnic group in the United States, clocking in at a median household income of $100,547, almost double the median household income across America.

I personally see this in even my own extended family. My father has seven siblings who relocated to America from India: every one of them is married, has a secure job, and makes a household income (combined with their spouse) north of $100,000. Three of these siblings are also well into the top 1% of wealthiest Americans.

Struggling through their childhood, living as a family of thirteen in a two bedroom house, surviving off a schoolteacher’s salary and a couple acres of land, created the drive for success and appreciate for hard work that eventually brought them prosperity.

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