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An ordinary mom wins a jackpot worth 2M through Online Casino Apps

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Many times, people are afraid to play online casino believing that it is only for some special people. They think that those who play are doing so are chosen because they play with lots of confidence betting huge amounts of money. This myth changed a couple of weeks back when an ordinary mom was declared a jackpot winner in a very famous story titled, “An ordinary mom wins a jackpot worth 1.8M through Online Casino Malaysia Apps”. This is a story which stunned many people mostly online casino players because of its nature.

The mom narrated a very strange story concerning her win. She said that she was on maternity leave after having delivered her first born, a baby girl. She was and she is still a single mom. While she was at home and bored, she decided to go into the internet without anything specific to look for. As she was moving from one site to another, she landed on this online casino site where she saw something interesting and stopped. She went through the literature and ended up accessing one application. Upon opening the application, she decided to play by betting US$ 100. The next thing that happened changed her life forever. She had won US 2M. Her reaction is very bizarre as she narrates it, “I pinched myself several times to see if it was a dream, I felt pain and concluded that this is indeed true”. Very relaxed after this, she received a call from the authorities after that to go and collect her cheque. She did that and what she decided was to call it quits in her sales job.

She reflected that this jackpot came as a blessing to her, especially given the fact that she was going through a very difficult time in her life. She was in an affair with an IT Manager who was having an extra-marital affair with her. When she announced to him that she was pregnant with his baby, the IT man dumped her without any consideration and cut off all the communication between them. A good friend of hers advised that this was not the end of the road, she could still pick up from there and move on. She listened and that is exactly what she did and she will never regret that advice and the decision she made. She decided to look after herself until she had delivered her baby and then know the next course of action. Well, she did that and here she is now. A beautiful baby girl and US$ 2M to her account. She indicated to one of the journalist that interviewed her that she was going into business full-time since she had started part time business while still in employment. When asked if she would play again, she sheepishly said that she will always play but not with an intention of winning again because luck does not come twice.

Well, this is her story and it indicates that winning a jackpot is not reserved to any special people but anybody who chooses to make that crucial decision of, “let me play”. Someone else’s case might not be like the one of this single mother, it might come in a different way. For instance, when somebody reads this story, he or she might think that everyday is Monday and try to do the same thing that this single mother did. The truth is that everybody has his or her own unique occurrence. It is certain that we will live to hear of another occurrence that will be either the same as this one or totally different from it. The most important thing is that the lottery is there to play and jackpots to be won. It takes an individual the decision, commitment and the will to part with those hard earned bucks to get there. It all depends on the individual; nobody will force the will.

The difference between any other individual and the single mom is that she had tried many times and this time that she was trying was not different from the others. She had the will and she went ahead and committed and here she is today. The only difference perhaps could have been the situation that she was going through. To anyone out there, it might look normal but there will be one day that one will decide to do things a little different and that is when there will be this big achievement that will come one’s way. It is all a matter of knowing what one is doing, committing to it and remaining committed no matter what. Remember, the most successful person is the one who has fallen, woken up dusted him/herself and moved on and kept on repeating this reality until things finally worked. There are many more who will succeed.

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