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Blog Posts

Crafting engaging blog posts that bring your business more traffic, better search engine rankings, and more customers is a science. With 350+ posts under my belt, it’s a science I’m well versed in.


Getting new subscribers is the easy part. Keeping them attentive with interesting newsletters and email broadcasts—that’s where I come in.

Social Media

I’ll help you manage social media accounts and engage with your followers. Proficient with Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Networking & Outreach

Publishing awesome content is only the first step in a solid marketing strategy. I’ll promote your content while creating connections with competitors and industry leaders alike.


Everything you should know about me.
A freelance content marketer.


My name's Jonathan Rebby John, and I’m a freelance content marketer. I’m here to help you to do two things:

1) grow your brand
2) make you more money.

As a content marketer, I can help you to build your reach and Internet presence by developing and promoting content tailored to your audience and industry.

Not only can I help you reach and engage with a wider slice of your industry following, but I'll also help you network and connect with others in your industry, leaders and competitors alike.

If any of the above sounded like something you want in your business, then you'll probably want to get in touch with me today.

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  • Social Media
  • Networking & Outreach


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