Blogs are cool (you know that already). They help you engage your audience, convert visitors, and increase leads, traffic, and search engine visibility.


But, blogs are also a lot of hard work (that part isn’t so cool). As a result, you’re finding it difficult — nay, impossible — to scrape up the time necessary to consistently publish epic content. You can’t let go of your blog though, it’s just too valuable to your marketing. So you …


… hire me. Hi there. I’m Jonathan John, a freelance blogger. I help businesses develop spanking-awesome blogs that drive leads, sales, and revenue. I’ve worked with industry leaders and minnows alike in the marketing, WordPress, and website development niches to build their blog archives, get found via search engines, and increase online revenue.


I help companies find their feet online and establish themselves as industry leaders. I’d love to see what I can do to turn your business around. I’m on a mission to help 1,000 (or more) businesses to grow their clientele and experience lead generation success. Let’s talk about what I can do for your business. This is your chance to get ahead of the competition.

what i do


I’ve hired a handful of bloggers over the years. My blog is my baby, and as such my biggest challenge is finding writers who care – and are more focused on the results of their writing, rather than hitting their word count. Jonathan is one of very few writers who I can trust to write posts with impact. Not only can he write, but he cares about what he writes.

- Marcus Taylor, Founder, Venture Harbour


Aaron Osteraas

After many, many years of managing content networks, I’ve come to be extremely particular with who I work with — it’s extremely difficult to find people who provide content of a consistently high product. Jonathan is one of the people who can. His work is high quality, easy to read, well researched, and delivered in a timely manner.

- Aaron Osteraas, Founder, YangPress



Working with Jonathan is a pleasure. Very well organized, straight to the point, smart and professional blogger. His posts are performing very well at the Writtent blog. 

- Helen Nesterenko, Founder, Mavry LLC


Mark Gavalda

A blogger like Jonathan is very rare. He provides only high quality, well researched content and always delivers on time. He is full of fresh ideas and very familiar with WordPress. Our readers at Kinsta loved his work! Highly recommended!

- Mark Gavalda, Founder, Kinsta Web Hosting



Jonathan helped us with a couple of original pieces for our blog. He delivered on time and most importantly the articles were top notch. Look no further for a freelance writer.

- Dimi Baitanciuc, Co-founder, Theme Fuse


Greg Winiarski

Jonathan is a pleasure to work with, skillful and reliable. His experience with WordPress, blogging, and new technologies in general makes him a perfect choice for any WordPress-related writing work.

- Greg Winiarski, Foundr, WPJobBoard


RooJoom Image

Jonathan created high-level original content for RooJoom. I would recommend anyone in need of great content to check him out.

- Yael Kochman, Marketing Manager, RooJoom


Hiring me to do your blogging isn’t an expense – it’s an investment.


All my customers see positive ROI after asking me to blog for them. Wanna get in on those returns, too?


Each order will need to get a custom quote (use the contact form above), but pricing generally ranges from $0.15 per word for bylined work to $0.20 per word for ghostwritten content.


Get your free, no-obligation quote for your writing project now. I’ll get back to you within one business day (often a lot quicker). If you’re looking to get a regular monthly blogging service, please ensure that you have a high three-figure to low four-figure budget.


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